Transaxle fluid and spark plugs

i have pontiac vibe 2005.i bought it with 96,000 miles on now has 143,000 miles.i’m about to take it so they can change u guys reccomend i take it to toyota dealer shop or aamco? also which brand of spark plugs should i get?

Neither. Check the “Mechanics Files” area on this site to find a trusted local mechanic. Any major spark plug brand should be fine. Check your owners manual to see what it recommends.

This car has a Toyota engine. Japanese engines work best with the same type of plug they came with from the factory.
There’s a label on the underside of the hood listing the part # of the recommended plugs.
The brands will be NGK and Denso, either is fine.

My 2006 Matix, which has the same engine calls for:

Denso SK20R11

Avoid Aamco period.


I take mine to a local transmission shop. Far cheaper then the dealer…and they are very very knowledgeable.

I think you would do fine to find a local independent garage to do your service and repair work. Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers for a recommendation. There’s no reason an independent shop can’t take care of 95% of your needs on this car.

Be sure they use the correct fluid for your car.
Spark plugs should be Denso or NGK. I wouldn’t put anything else in that car.

AAMCO (also, Lee Myles, Cottman & Mr. Transmission) should be avoided at all costs.

In addition to the probability that they will find additional problems with your transmission (that don’t really exist), they have a history of poor workmanship. Find an independent trans shop in your area that has been in business for at least 3 years, and you are much more likely to have somebody competent working on your vehicle, and you are likely to pay less than you would at a chain transmission shop.