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Trans problem

I have a 92 toyota auto trans, car finds 2nd gear ok,but when i go up incline drops back to 2nd,it shouldn"t do this i’ve adj the throttle now i’m thinking if maybe it might be throttle body.any ideas

Under certain conditions it would be correct for the trans to downshift,why do you think the downshift is out of order?

If your transmission didn’t downshift on an upgrade, your engine would have a mighty hard time maintaining the vehicle’s speed, and you might also become subject to lugging of the engine. As oldschool asked, “why do you think the downshift is out of order?”

when i take off or pull out it shifts into 2nd, 3rd, get it to kick into last shift i have to give it more fuel and let up on throttle-to get it to shift, if i’m on grade it drops back down.

What model Toyota are we talking about?? Engine size??