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Trans is slow

trans is slow for pass de second a tree spead ?? is the wheather car I live in quebec ??? or is the trans ??? where is the prob ? thank you

daniel2009, most respectfully, your description is not very clear. (You are probably more comfortable in French.)
You seem to be asking if the delayed shifting into 2nd of your 3-speed automatic Pontiac 6000 is caused by the weather (colder temperatures) or is it a transmission failure.

pontiac tempest 1990 3.1 litres, la transmission ne change plus de rapport j ai v?rifier l huile elle est ok et son odeur est correct . je ne peut rouler a plus de 45mph ou 70 km car le moteur tourne a vive allure . Tout semble correct aucun indice a laisser pr?sager le probl?me alors si vous avez des infos a mes donner je les appr?cierais car je suis un bon bricoleurs en auto mais ce probl?me la je le comprent pas ??? merci

Unfortunately, my French is not very good. (Malheureusement, mon francais n’est pas tres bon.)
But, maybe someone else could translate better than I can, because I do know that there are some very knowledgeable,
experienced forum members who could help, if we can understand the details of your transmission problem,
for example, transman618 (a transmission expert) and willey (a General Motors professional tech).

Here’s the best I can do to translate:

1990 Pontiac Tempest (3.1L) The transmission no longer changes “rapport”.
(daniell2009, can you give us another word for ‘rapport’.? Peuvez-vous donner des autres mots pour ‘rapport’. Do you mean you can no longer change or shift gears or go above a certain speed?)

I have verified (checked) that the transmission oil (fluid) is okay and smells okay. I can not go (run) at more than 45 mph or 70 kilometers, because the engine turns at a fast (racing?) speed (pace). Everything seems correct, no symptom (sign or clue) which would allow me to figure out this problem. So, if anyone can give me some information or help with this, I would very much appreciate it, because I am a good shadetree mechanic (auto tinkerer), but I do not understand this particular problem??? Thank you.

changement de rapport veut dire vers 25-30 mph la transmission doit changer de vitesse, c est une transmission automatique alors elle ne veut plus changer de vitesse comme exemple enter sur une voie rapide je ne serait pas capable car elle ne change pas de vitesse raport pour arriver a des vitesse comme 60 mph-70 mph , la question que je me pose changer l huile a transmission car je demeure au qu?bec et est-ce-que le froid et l huile auquel je n ai jamais chager pourrais r?gler le probl?me . Et de plus j ai remarquer que l huile navait peut ?tre pas l odeur de huile a transmission ordinaire car il me semble qu elle sent "huile brul?e chauff?e " c est pour cela que je me pose la question si changer l huile a transmission pourrait r?gler le probl?me merci beaucoup de vos commentaires daniel

Towards (or, at) 25 to 30 mph, the transmission might change speed. This is an automatic transmission, but it no longer wants to change speed, such as, for example, (to enter a high speed road, or) on a high speed road, I would not be able to change (or increase) speeds in order to get up to speeds like 60mph - 70 mph. The question I am asking is whether, or not, I should change the transmission oil, because I live in Quebec, and does the cold (weather) affect the transmission oil, which I have never changed? If I changed the transmission oil, would this correct the problem? And, moreover, I have noticed that this oil has started to have, not the ordinary odor, but, it seems to me, that the transmission oil smells “burnt, overheated”; it is for this reason that I ask the question, if changing the transmission oil would resolve the problem. Thank you for your comments. daniel

Please, can anyone offer some help or guidance for Daniel?