Trans fluid


I cannot find any info in the owner’s manual of my 2000 BMW regarding the trans fluid-i.e. how to check it, when to change it, etc. Only oil and brake fluids are mentioned. I have just passed 100,000 miles. Does the fluid in this vehicle never get changed?

Your car does not have a dipstick for the automatic transmission (I am assuming you mean an automatic transmission).

Your owners manual should tell you that the fluid is a lifetime fluid, and does not ever need to be changed. At the most, you can take your car to a BMW Dealer, and have them check the fluid level using a tool they have in their shop, and replacing a permanent plug that they would need to remove to do so.


thank you for the info.

I would have had the transmission fluid changed by now. Yea, likely your car has the so called lifetime fluid, but that just means it is now designed to last a long time and then fail. A fluid change about about 50,000 would likely extend the useful life of the transmission.

I suspect most manufacturers have given up getting owners to do maintenance and are trying to design their cars for minimal maintenance. The trouble is that means shorter life.

I don't know nearly what "transman" knows about these cars, especially model specific information.  Hopefully he will stop by and offer some advice. If he does, believe it!