Trans fluid change overkill?

Is it overkill to change transmission fluid every 15k?

I ask because at my rate of driving it would only be a once-per-year ordeal and in my car (99 Accord) it’s a simple drain & refill operation.

I know it can’t hurt anything, but does the law of diminishing returns come in to play here?

Unless you are towing a trailer, 15,000 miles is probably too often. Most of us would recommend 30,000 miles. I’ve been doing this since 1965, and the transmissions have always outlasted the rest of the cars!

Yes, overkill, 30k is fine. Make sure you’re using the Honda-specified fluid, I understand they’re picky.

How about 20k, for peace of mind? I want this vehicle to last me a long, long time.

If it makes you feel, better do it(I do cost benefit now)-Kevin