TPS Help

2007 Suzuki XL7 luxury 6 cyl 3.6l - Error code reads p0122 and the computer in the dash reads Engine Hot- A/C off. It turned over earlier but Car wont start now. Battery is new, all fluid levels, fuses ok. So… can you tell me

  1. a PART NUMBER to search for to replace the TPS? or
  2. better yet provide a SIMPLE STEP BY STEP instruction on how to ADJUST it?

I cant find anything online and I live in a VERY rural area with no mechanics within 100 miles of me.



On your car the TPS is part of the entire throttle body assembly

Here are the parts

AC Delco is $80.79 from

Standard is $158.79 from

If you’re going to replace the part, I recommend AC Delco. The reason I say this is because I believe Suzuki may be (partially) owned by GM. And AC Delco is part of GM

Get the gasket too, while you’re at it. $1.66

I assume P0122 is a current code, which CANNOT be cleared?

Or if you clear it, it comes right back?

Good luck!

And please post back when it’s fixed!