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Tpms sensor replacement

2009 Mazda 3, one of the TPMS sensors has a cracked mounting nut, the dealer wants $140 to replace the sensor. I checked local auto parts stores for the nut, and there is a repair kit for about $5… can I replace the nut without demounting the tire?

Yes, as long as the tire remains properly inflated during the procedure

Be careful that you don’t overtighten the new nut

If the valve stem is damaged you won’t be able to remove the nut and replace it. Why did the nut crack?

I will just have a tire shop do it, should not cost more than $25.

But I have seen instances where the nut was damaged, but the valve stem itself was still okay, and so were the threads

just saying

I would guess the nut is cracked, due to overtightening

thanks for the answers, i think the tire shop option is the best choice, and i don’t know why the nut cracked, the dealer found it during an inspection, was probably cracked from before i owned the car, cause i never touched any of them…Crusty