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Tpms question

can anyone direct me to a site that will show me what tpms sensor with work on my car? i have a chance to get a set of 4 used sensors that came from a car 2016 model year chrysler and i have an 05 pacifica. i can get these if i can find out that they will work. my car can self program ans long as these sensors are compatible. but i need to find s site for cross reference. thanks

try and enter your vehicule brand,model and year. They will tell you the part# of the original sensors. Do the same with the 2016 Chrysler sensors and see if the part# match.

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Just out of caution… I’ll add that sometimes newer parts, even from the same OEM, may not be compatible with older cars.

Sometimes the money you may save costs you more in time/hassle. But I hope I’m wrong, for your sake. Good luck.

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Assuming the OP is going to have a tire shop do this work why not see what they charge for the sensors . If the used ones are not free the cost difference may not be worth the trouble. Besides these things last a long time .

to answer sll i’m doing this myself. it is not hard to do. i tried rockauto and they don’t show any cross referenced parts but i know there are many that do. i did find a site that show cross reference but they don’t have a field to just enter the car and see what fits so i asked them. i found some local on craigslist that are for a 15 jeep and they may or not fit. but like some will say i have to be sure. and the cost of new sensors at the tire store are like 50 to 90$ each i can do much better with some research. thanks

when I have that problem I go down to my local Pick and Pull. They’ll print out a list of compatible parts for the one I’m looking for. Maybe that is available on their website too, don’t know. One poster here – @Cavell – I believe has mentioned they use the website for used parts compatibility info.

When you look up your sensor in Rockauto, you click on the highlighted stock number such as 20195, then it will display the cars that that particular part is used on. Clicking on the info button just gives a picture and description of the part. Its the easiest way to check on inter-change but I don’t think the two are compatible.

A quick check showed just the 04-05 as the same so a 2016 wouldn’t work. Not to plug Rock but they have the Schrader brand on wholesale closeout for about $25 each.

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thanks our local junk yards are not so accommodating. one answers the phone saying we have it, you walk the yard and nothing. one may have it then won’t sell it. so i do not visit them much anymore.

and you can’t go by rockauto for accurate information. i have had lots of issues over the years with them and getting the wrong parts.

the 04 uses a 433mhz sensor magnet programmed and the 05 uses a 315/319.5 mhz sensor, so there may be a point in production they switched sensors and programming in the cars so i have to be careful. and some store do not list the 05 in the selection, you have to ask them.

also i found out at the trie store i use that late models will exchange but not on every car. so i believe i will take these apart and instal new batteries.

and i found a site that has a device that will trick the car into thinking it has tpms in the tires when you don’t have them, like those that use snow tires and do not want to pay for sensors in the winter. but not all cars are supported so i’m getting that info now if my car is supported then i will go that route. thanks

Since you’re ok to just disable the tpms system, what if you just put a piece of opaque tape over the warning message on the dashboard? Or does it make an audio alarm or do something else annoying unless it is working 100% or totally disabled?

i tired to disable the tpms on an 5 chrysler pacifica and just could not do it. it is intertwined into the security system so that disabling it would render the car not driveable, it will not start.

also some cars use a message center that warns of other things and the tpms finds its way into that and then no other messages show up so another warning maynot go to you. damn feds anyway.

it is not hard to get a new tpms sender and install it. they are like 20$ on ebay from us sellers the get them and replace the batteries.

i did replace the batteries on mine and 2 out of 3 worked. and they do not need to be in the tire to send out the signal. i had them in my hand when the tire store tested them for me after i put in the new batteries.

if your not hande don’t mess with the batteries just get new ones and change them ut yourself. there are tons of youtube’s showing how to do it.

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