Toytoa Sienna 1999 DOME fuse keep blowing

My 1999 Toyota Sienna DOME fuse keep blowing and don’t know how to find the short.
At first, it happens once in a while and I replaced the fuse for few time.
Now, it happen permanently (in the way, this is good, I think) so no clock or remote control key
cannot be used anymore.
Any suggestion on where the short could be?

There are a lot of circuits that fuse supplies power to. If the fuse blows out as soon as a replacement is installed it will make things easier to locate the trouble. I would try replacing the fuse with a brake light bulb to limit the current to a safe level as the bulb will be in series with the short to ground. Then disconnect suspected problem areas at the connectors suppling the power to them. Once you find the circuit with the trouble the light will dim or go out. You would be wise in investing in a factory service manual for the van as it will have the details you need to locate the wiring. Ebay is a good place to find them.

I have solved this issue by opennign up the driver side Visor and cut off the short wires inside.

The lights on vanity mirrors have caused repeated blown fuses on several automobiles. I assume that was your problem.