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Toyota Previa Blown Head Gasket v. Rebuilt Engine

I purchased a used 1995 Toyota Previa without getting an independent inspection. My fault and enough said on that topic. Anyway, I now have a blown head gasket, after already replacing the radiator, idle pulley system, brakes – so I have sunk a few dollars already into this automobile. I LOVE Previas – have had a 1992 until last July when I was broadsided and rolled. She gave me 287,000+ miles with little problems.

I drove the 1995 for almost 10,000 before the problems started and am now looking at putting in a rebuilt engine, which is mucho bucks. Is it worth it? Are there other problems that might be lurking because of all the stop leak, etc. this repair shop mechanic put into this vehicle?

Thanks so much for the feedback.

DUPLICATE POSTING: Please go to: Toyota Previa Blown Head Gasket v. Rebuilt Engine