Toyota with neverending alarm!

hi guys,

love the show!!!

so… here is my dilema, i have a toyota supra1986 and a few weeks agaon i jump started it after a period of no use. no problem! started right up.

now however, last weekend, i cleaned the engine and started making it ready to sell, and tried to jump start again but no luck. dead as a doornail … except the horn! changed out the battery, tried again, nothing but a blaring horn. disconnected teh horn, but have no electrics at all except the blasting horn!!! there was a smell of burning but i checked all the fuses and nothing seemed out of order. what could i try next???

it was the horn… not the alarm on the supra. sorry my mistake

You cleaned the engine.
With water I presume, now moisture is trapped within a plug…somewhere.

You’ll need to unplug, clean, dry, and replug

every plug.