1989 Toyota Supra - Hard starting

the ar was for about half a year out of service (wintertime) I started the engine which came with no problem for a short test trip. after a short trip ( engine was warm) all was running normal. next day after turning the key the startermotor was turning but there was no ignition .3 startattemps in time whith no result. (battery power was good and fuel was enought. next day same result. this car is an oldtimer and i had no problems at all like this or others. do you have any idea what the reason is

Thank you for your reply

There are a number of reasons that may prevent it from starting. None of which I can diagnose from here based on your description. I am guessing you don’t work on the car your self, right? My best suggestion is to have it towed to a good local mechanic and let them diagnose the problem.

If you do work on the car yourself, check for spark. Then squirt a little starting fluid into the intake and see if it runs for just a second or 2 and report back.

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If you’re trying to run the car with gas that was sitting in the tank for six months, there is a good chance the gas is now rotten. If this is the case, gas tank will need to be drained and refilled. Definitely have it towed to a mechanic.

Trank You for the quick reply of my email. Yes l am able to do a lot of Standard Repairs on Cars als a Kind of Hobby. But this car has a lot of components which are very complex and without Plans and Drawings it is nearly impossible to work on this Engine. I thouht that samebody had rhe Same Problem and a Report how he solved it. Tomorrow I try the 2 stets You gave me and inform You about the Result . Hopefully a good ohne.