Toyota Warranties

Any one else been rejected by Toyota? They refuse to repair my 2007 Prius Hybrid with 5000 miles on it because they say I jumped it wrong. I did not of course do that. Damage is minimum $4800. Maybe they are trying to hide a warranty problem or recall problem. I would like to know if other people had had or are having trouble with Toyota honoring their warranty.???

Pls clarify. Did the Prius require a jump start, and did the approved Toyota procedure get used for the jump? Or, are you saying no one jump started the Prius at all? You can ask for a higher Toyota review and if I remember correctly, you can ask for arbitration of the warranty dispute. Read your warranty information and owner’s manual to verify your appeal options.

HI Ginny,

I’ve luckily have not yet had to challenge the dealer’s capacity to honor my 2004 Prius warranty terms, but I just joined this site today b/c I have a question about the longevity/cost ratio of the Prius in general vs. a more “simple” car like the Corolla. I’m sorry you are dealing with such awful treatment: I wonder if you went to a different dealer if you’d get a better response? (My local dealer recently told me that in general Toyota is very good about honoring their warranties and has even fixed stuff that wasn’t under warranty?0

In any case, I am also interested to know if others have had bad experiences with the Prius costs at extended mileage/out of warranty: my engine is starting to make a loud sound and I’m thinking of trading it in for a new Corolla b/c I am afraid of huge costs down the road for it that might not be covered: the used Prius is in such demand that yesterday I was offered a total cost of $1500 on trade in (my 2004 Prius only has 36,800 miles: they offered me $15,610) for a 2009 SE Corolla…

Thanks and I think I’ll stay posted here before I submit my own question.

Best, AMS.

Do you have any way to post the Toyota approved way to jump this vehicle? Maybe in the owners manual or a link?

How about providing osme details about what exactly is wrong with the car and clarifying whether you jumped the car or not.
DID you jump the car?

If the car was jump-started with reversed polarity, one or more ecus can be damaged in addition to to a main fuse (which usually blows). Unfortunately it has happened before to other Prius.

If the car was never jump started - more correctly, never connected incorrectly to an external voltage source - then we need to do more to get to the bottom of the mystery.

There are specialist groups such as PriusChat where you can seek advice on such matters. Good luck.


A bit of a red flag always comes up when a complaint is made and a simple follow up question is ignored.
It would help immensely if the question as to whether or not this vehicle was jumped was answered.
I’ll ask again anyway; did you jump, or have someone jump, the vehicle?

In retrospect, a question I should have asked is if this vehicle was towed in to the dealer?