Toyota Van

I have a 04 Sienna van. When I slow down to about 5 mph(but not stop) and then pick up speed it jerks.

Should I be concerned about the transmission or is this a Toyota quirk?

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The jerk is a quirk. For a more complete diagnosis take it to the dealer (if you trust them). I have an 04 Sienna too. FYI, there are two TSB’s and one recall you should know about:

TSB1 - Drivers door seam weld crack. If your driver’s door makes an awful cracking noise when you open and close it then you have fallen victim to this common problem. The door seam is cracked on the hinge side. The TSB instructs the dealer to have it welded. Mine went to the body shop for two days.

TSB2 - Steering shaft knock. When you turn the wheel back and forth do you hear a “knock” or a click? If so then the shaft must be replaced and is covered under this TSB. Mine went bad and that is how I found out about it.

Recall - If your back hatch no longer goes up quickly or it sags downward then your rear hatch struts will be replaced free of charge. This bad boy is LIFETIME so you should have gotten a card in the mail.

Happy Hunting.