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2009 Toyota Sienna vibrate in D and R until warm up

I have a FWD 2009 Sienna with 62k that vibrate on cold days. It only vibrate when the shifter is on drive or reverse while stepping on the brake. There is no vibration while driving, only when I’m at a stop light. After the engine warms up, the vibration goes away. I can feel the vibration on the steering wheel. I just want some kind of knowledge before taking it in.

By now, the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs should have been replaced.
Were they?
What can you tell us–specifically–about the maintenance that the engine has received?

Besides a possible maintenance issue, there is also the possibility that the motor mounts and/or transmission mounts need to be replaced.

Air filter, cabin filter, spark plugs, PCV replcaed at 60K. Trannsmission fluid drain and filled every 30k. Oil changed every 5k. If it is the motor and tranny mount, shouldn’t the van vibrate regardless of cold or warm. So what cause the vbration to stop after the van warms up?

I have a 09 FWD Highlander that does the same thing. I believe that it’s caused by the transmission fluid being thick when cold then thins out after the vehicle warms up. I’ve brought this up with Toyota service and they say it’s “normal” and not to worry about it. Since you have 62K on yours I tend to believe that it’s not a serious issue but time will tell.