Toyota Truck 85 and earlier

Ok. Yall shot down my jeep so any thoughts good or bad on the old solid axle toyota 4x4 with the 22r

I say yes

I’m not a mudder, but from what I understand that is supposed to be a good combination

And I’ve heard that those 22R engines are almost bulletproof

22R engine is quite durable. Has some potential timing chain problems (a timing belt would have been better) but after all these years if the thing is still on the road it should have been taken care of by now.

The rest of the running gear is durable as well, easily serviced and parts for almost anything are still available.

Popular for a good reason, the only real thing that stops these trucks is rust. My brother was looking for roughly this era of toyota 4wd many years ago and being in a college/ski town there was a waiting list for any operational example that came up for sale. High miles on these is almost a given, more important is what kind of shape the truck is in (unless you just want an off road beater, that’s ok too)

From what I understand a good one won’t be cheap, but worth it.

He wants 1500 and it’s in pretty good shape … with the tube bumpers front and rear. Just the bumpers are worth 500 to me.

I see the 85 and older toys up here daily.
No salt on the roads and low humidity

If it’s in decent shape with very little rust and runs good it seems to me that 1500 is a very decent price; especially being a 4 X 4 and with the tube bumpers. A bit of negotiating and maybe that amount can be whittled down; making the deal even sweeter.

Around here, most of the time if one sees a small truck like that for 1500 dollars there are usually some issues with it.

There is some rust on the box and for whatever reason the heater panel and controls are laying on the seat.

Giving me something to fix that’s actually broke

sounds like a good truck overall, my brother ended up buying an '87 Mazda very similar to the one our grandfather owned, only problem he had to spend time fixing was a radio that didn’t work because it wasn’t hooked up right by the previous owner.


If he only wants 1500, I’d go over the truck with a fine-toothed comb. If that’s all he’s asking for, it may not be a cream puff.

Can we assume it’s pretty much stock?

I had bunch of Toyota trucks over the years. Other then being a little more reliable, which a truck that old would be hard pressed to be, poor handling, ride and accommodations go ditto for old Toyota trucks. The motor is great for slow trucking but you will struggle keeping up with traffic with much of a load…like two people in the cab and a case of beer in the back. Also, old truck and frames beds are notorious rust magnets. I would pass as a primary driver unless it’s a project off road vehicle.

Point taken


I just bought a 91 Jeep cherokee Laredo
1 owner
139000 miles

The bad: It sat for 5 years but it clean inside and out. I would guess i will be replacing some seals and there is a noise coming from the transmission/Transfer case area. Sounds like maybe a bearing of something of that nature
Manual tranny


From what I hear, those 4.0 straight 6 Jeep engines are near indestructible

But I also hear that the cylinder heads are prone to cracking. I’m not sure what model years are affected.

Will this be a daily driver . . . or a trail rig?

Daily driver until I find a Toyota truck … then it turns more of a trail rig. With a 2.5-3 inch lift and 31x 10,5 on 15x8 steel wheels. It almost looks like a can squeeze 31s on there now


Just remember the Cherokee is a unibody . . . it may not handle the trails the same as a body on frame truck

There are multitudes of unibody/Cherokees out there tearing up the trails.

I’m what you might call a mild 4x4 enthusiast.
Trails and hills no rock crawling or that stuff

One thing I like about jeeps and the 90s model Toyota trucks is they can go places the jacked up $40,000 rigs won’t. Due to size/wheel base

These are great little trucks but 65-70mph, they are all done…

I’ve drinen 65 on ice with my jeeps in the past. It doesn’t even want 5th until about 60

Correction 80 on ice. Flat straight road. Raced a dodge…I let him go…I didn’t wanna die