Toyota tacoma

anyone have any problems with the tacoma automatic transmisson? pro and cons about 4cyl automatic or 5spd or 6cyl automatic or 5 spd. i dont espically like shifting but i HATE automatic tranny problems. with a 5 spd all your looking at is replacing a clutch. but if the tacoma has a solid automatic trans id like to know.

Perhaps the best compilation of data is that published by Consumer Reports. Out of all my Toyotas I’ve only owned two automatics, my '91 Camry and my current car, a 2005 Scion tC. I never had a problem with either.

Ten years from now, the 4-cyl 5-speed will be worth twice as much as an automatic…There is a reason for that…

According to Kelley Bluebook a 2000 Tacoma standard cab 2WD with an automatic is worth $6165 retail, one with a manual is worth $5800 retail.