Toyota Tacoma pedals

unintended acceleration because brake & gas pedal too close The brake pedal and gas pedal on our Toyota Tacoma Prerunner are entirely too close to one another. It appears the brake pedal is the culprit because I find it nearly impossible to left foot brake in this car. If I plant my right heel too far to the left, the angle of my foot and length of shoe makes it so the brake pedal is depressed by the ball of my foot, while my toe hits the top of the accelerator pedal.

If you feel you can’t drive this truck safely, why do you own it?

Do you have a question or is this just informational?

Recommend learning to avoid planting your right heel too far to the left.

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Maybe what can be done is, remove the rubber pad from the pedal.

Cut the pedal off the lever.

Move the pedal to the left, and weld the pedal back onto the lever.

Reinstall the rubber pad.


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I guess you need to be more careful with you feet. My friend has no problem in his Tacoma even with his size 14’s.

A) the pedals were NOT this close during the test drive?
B) use, as taught, your RIGHT foot for braking, left foot breaking is only used at starting line at a drag strip.

This is sort of like complaining that it hurts every time you hit yourself in the head with a hammer.

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Looking at the diagram Tester posted: at the top of the brake lever there is a sleeve that projects to the left. Maybe putting the sleeve on the right side would move the brake lever far enough to the left.

Whether it can be done well and safely would need to be carefully thought out. Most good mechanics would be concerned about safety and their liability.