Brake pedal sticking down in my 77 Toyota Pickup

My brake pedal is sticking down every time I push it in. I tried replacing the spring that was in there with a stronger one and sprayed the whole unit down with an all purpose silicon lubricant. It seemed to help a little but the problem is far from solved. It seems like it is sticking somewhere further away from the pedal. Master Cylinder maybe? Any and all suggestions welcome!

I selected Tacoma because it’s the closest option to my truck, but it’s actually a 77 pickup/hilux.

If the master cylinder has never been replaced, now might be a good time…After 36 years, it might be time to replace the entire brake system…or perhaps the truck?

How far down is the pedal sticking? Are the brakes dragging unless you lift the pedal? Does the truck have a brake booster? Is it functioning properly?

The pedal sticks about a half inch in and I have to pop it back out with my toe. Yes the brakes drag if i forget to lift the pedal. I am not sure if there is a booster on there, if there is, then, no, it is not functioning properly because the brake pedal is always very stiff.

You do have a brake booster. And it sounds likely that the linkage between the pedal and the master cylinder OR the master cylinder itself is hanging up. It could also be the lever under the pedal.

I know of no ready way to determine whether the problem is in the master cylinder, the booster, or the linkage. I think if it were me I’d just replace the MC and the booster together, considering the age of the truck.