Toyota tacoma aggressively downshifts

my 2011 toyota tacoma auto transmission downshifts on any slight decline, even to the point of losing traction in the rear end if i’m on slippery pavement. how can i disable the electronic engine brake?

Can I assume that this only occurs when your foot is on the brake?

That is particularly odd. Its a 2011. I’d be back into the dealer with it.

There are many features built into ABS/traction control systems on late model cars and trucks and I am inclined to guess that your problem is the result of some of that technology. Cancelling overdrive will drastically increase engine braking on some cars and when the brake pedal is pressed far enough to cancel cruise control some vehicles will force downshifts to reduce and control speed. You might check the owners manual for such features and if not satisfied you should call the dealer. It could be a defect and like most problems, the sooner they are taken care of the easier and cheaper they are to deal with. Good luck.

I too would recommend you take it back to the dealer ASAP.

Do you have cruise control on? If so turn it off.