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Toyota camry transmission downshifting

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry with 44,000 miles. I recently had the transmission fluid changed at my mechanic, and soon thereafter a problem developed. When the car is slowly coming to a stop, and the car is going under 10mph, the car downshifts gears twice before it comes to a stop with a noticeable “clunk” sound. It accelerates fine, but I’m concerned I may be damaging the transmission.

I took the car back to the mechanic thinking they may have short-filled the transmission or something. They connected the car to their computer system and can find nothing wrong. A trip to my Toyota dealer yielded the same results, no fault found.

The mechanic drained all the fluids again and, under Toyotas advice re-set a computer in the car causing the car to 're-learn" the proper time to downshift. Toyota told us that this “re-learn” could take up to 500 miles to take effect. 500 miles later, the problem remains.

Wondering if anyone out there may have an idea or two to share on this?

Did the 1st mechanic used Toyota atf?

Did your mechanic “Change” the fluid or “Flush” the fluid???


Yes, this would be my major concern. Are you SURE that the mechanic used the correct type of fluid for a Toyota? If he is one of those mechanics who uses Dexron for all transmissions and adds a can of some kind of addtive to “make it into Toyota-approved fluid”, that could be the source of the problem.

Thanks for your reply. The individual I need to speak with was out today. I will followup.

My receipt indicated “Flush Transmission including cooler lines, valve body and torque converter” 100% fluid change. Several replies to me have indicated that they may have not used ATF as a replacement. I did get one reply asking if they actually dropped the pan and changed the filter, which I think they probably did not do. Are you aware that possibly Toyota requires a specfic type of Toyota fluid?

Thanks for the lead. My receipt indicates they used a transmission fill kit Model VV 094. I’ll look into this. The receipt shows they " flushed transmission including transmission cooler, cooler lines, valve body and torque converter". Are you aware if Toyota specifies their fluid for this kind of work? I had two replies that asked if they dropped the pan and actually cleaned or replaced the filter, which I do not think has occurred. They said that sometimes during a tranny flush things get lodged in the filter.
Any help is very much appreciated.