Toyota tacoma 4 weel drivw

Ok i need some help here…i have a Toyota Tacoma 4 weell drive it has a v6 motor. here is whats going on…sometimes it starts just fine,other times i think when it gets cold i try and start it… it will crank over just fine but does not start,then i turn the key off and try and start it again and it starts just fine,sometimes when its acting up i try starting it and after trying to start it after 3 tries ir runs rough for just a sec or too…it dosen’t happen all the time but i need some HELP HERE Maybe water in the gas???

thanks for your time

Sounds like a fueling issue. Your repeated attempts at starting it after a no start sounds like fuel moving slowly through a dirty fuel filter. After a few attempts you are giving the fuel more time to get thru the filter…and then it starts. I would start there…also or maybe before that…if and when it does this…loosen the gas cap…it may not be venting…which will act just like the dirty fuel filter because it has a had time sucking/pumping fuel. These are two good, easy and very cheap things to try first.