Toyota SUV not starting again after running

I have a 1991 Toyota SUV that I use for hauling large items that won’t fit in my Prius. I’ve taken the SUV to several repair shops including dealerships because the car will start and run, but when the ignition is turned off after it has been running for at least 15-30 minutes, the car will not start again. I’ve been told it’s a vacuum problem??? No one has been able to diagnose it and fix the problem. Can you provide any insight? This SUV has been the most amazing vehicle for the longest time and I’d love to have it working again.

You need to drive it around and set it up to present the problem, then drive to the service shop, shut it off, and hope it will act up with a mechanic ready to check for spark, fuel pressure, injector drive voltage, etc.

Does the check engine light come on?

Thank you for your input. Check engine light does not come on.