Toyota starting problem


I have the following problem ocassionally while trying to start my 2000 Toyota Celica GT (auto transmission):

On starting the car, the engine cranks well and starts idling. None of the dash board lights come on, speedometer, tachometer are not functional (All the dash lights turn on and then off during normal startup). I am not able to shift the gear stick from Park to Reverse / Drive. After some time (1-10 minutes) all the dash lights come on (as they normally do during start up) and then the normal dash lights stay on. Now, I am able to shift from Park to Reverse or Drive.

While the shifter is stuck, I can press the shift lock and move it to reverse / drive and drive without any problems. All the dash lights, tachometer and speedometer are not functional.

The Check Engine Light does not turn on. I suspect this happens during cooler mornings. Cool where I stay is in the high 40s.

This is more of an irritation, as I can drive the car.

Any pointers on where I could start looking at this problems ? Sticky Relays ?

Thanks in advance for your input.

The trouble does sound like it is a bad power connection or faulty relay contact issue somewhere. I suggest you get some service data for the wiring and see which power circuit feeds to those areas that are not working. The trouble will most likely be in the power distribution circuit common to those areas. Having a test light probe to check power with would be good to have also.