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Toyota Splash Guard

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla. The “under engine shield” aka splash guard that needs to be replaced. How important is it to have one in place? I am getting conflicting answers. I drive on dirt roads for a total of 2 miles 2 a month. Thanks

Well, you probably don’t need it but it wouldn’t hurt to have it in place. If it deflects something that would have otherwise damaged your oil pan, you will be glad that it was there–even though you will never know that it fulfilled its purpose.

In addition to offering some measure of protection for the engine from road debris, it is also a fairly important part of the cooling system. It helps to maximize the airflow through the radiator, sort of like the fan shroud in an older car or pickup truck (although the fan shroud plays a more significant role in directing the air). Cars live without those deflectors all the time, but it is meant to be there and does serve a purpose. Your call, but I would want everything intact on my car.

That plastic under engine shroud is there for aerodynamics. This allows the air to flow smoothly under the engine area so turbulence isn’t generated to produce drag at high speeds.

If you leave it off you might see a slight reduction in fuel mileage at higher speeds.


A 2006 car is too new to start cutting corners. I don’t know your car specifically, but it may prevent certain parts from getting too wet in the rain and it may help the cooling system work properly. I’d replace it.

What happened to the current one?

Yes you need it.
Water,dirt and sticks can cause trouble.
They would not have put it on if it was not needed.