Engine splash shield

recently, the engine splash shield on our vw came off … our mechanic said … most folks don’t replace this part and that it is safe driving without it … is this sound advice?

ps… i am in the right place for sound advice ???



Personally, I would get it back on there - either by rigging it somehow if you have the original, getting another from a salvage yard, or rigging something else. The splash shields aren’t there to make anything else work but they are there to protect things from water, dirt, debris, etc. In the long run (and sometimes in the short) not having it/them installed is likely to cause problems.

Think of it this way. With accountants looking for every possible way to take cost out of the manufacturing of a car, why did the splash shield stay? It must serve a purpose since it’s out of sight and has no cosmetic appeal to a customer. If it were my car, I’d replace it for the reasons that cigroller stated. There are too many sensors and wires in vulnerable locations on modern engines to take chances here.

You have three choices. You can replace the plastic bottom pan, you can leave it off or you can buy a Panzer plate.

I can’t recommend leaving it off as it does have some function (engine warms faster when cold, helps reduce noise (a little), reduces air drag a little (better mileage) and it keeps some of the gunk from getting splashed into the engine area).

The panzer plate will cost a little more, it will reduce ground clearance a little and it will offer a lot more protection to the oil pan etc. That ground clearance is only the because the plate is a little lower. Disadvantage is it may make oil changes a little more difficult. I have on on my car and I use a top extractor so I don’t need to get under the car at all to change oil and the plate remains on.

Note: there are other similar plates available and should give similar results.

I’d put it on. This could keep water and snow off of something like the crank pulley which would keep a belt from slipping.