Toyota Solara 2002 P1130

I have a 2002 Toyota Solara 2.4L 4 cylinder. (Currently:199k miles) Months ago I got a P0420 code meaning I had a bad catalytic converter… The code was reset multiple times to ensure the catalytic converter was indeed bad. I eventually changed the catalytic converter. After that, the P0130 code popped up meaning I had a bad o2 sensor. That code was also reset. I changed the o2 sensor… I soon got a P0171(System Lean etc…) & P1130, I reset those codes and the P0171 went away. But the P1130 came back… I contacted the company I ordered the o2 sensor from (thinking it was defective) and they gladly sent me another sensor which I currently have installed… but the code persisted which is leading me to believe the problem is not the sensor but something throwing the sensor off. The P1130 code: Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1. Now this code is tricky because there is no definite solution just by reading the code. I changed my spark plugs and ran some sea foam through the tank, no change. I bought an OBD scanner to get some live data/freeze frames. First off, my car cannot stay in Closed Loop. It either shows, OL drive/CL-Fault or just simply OL. When it is in CL, my Short Term Fuel Trims range from -20% to +5% and my Long Term averages -10%. The Upstream O2 sensor (B1S1) reads 3.289v in open loop. In CL-Fault/Closed Looo: O2B1S1 ranges 3.3-3.5 which doesn’t seem ok at all. The Downstream (O2B1S2) reads just fine averaging about 0.89v. All other readings seem about right. The MAF averages 2.89 at idle and my sparkadv averages 15(idle). Performance issues include: hesitation when accelerating, loss of power, very bad starting problems (especially cold starts), hard shifting between gears, very bad gas mileage, a very rough low idle (660 average) and my car smells of gasoline.

Currently lost and looking for possible solutions. I’m thinking I have a bad coil, a leak, bad injectors or just a defective o2 sensor.

Your car is probably burning oil internally due to stucked piston rings. My Toyota engine was rebuilt due to this.It damages the catalyticic converter and foul the o2 sensors.Just to make sure,check for black soot deposit at the end of the tailpipe and under bumper area. An oil consumption test need to be performed to make sure its causing that.

I’ll definitely check that out because there is black spots that come out of my muffler