Toyota Sienna

Took my 2006 Toyota Sienna in for an oil change. The minivan has 105,000 miles. They ran a diagnostic test and said that the catalytic converters need to be replaced. Since they are made out of platinum they are quoting me a price of $952.38. WOW! Really? Besides replacing them, do I have other options?

They ?
They who ?
Yes really .
Cats are always high priced but have an exhaust specialty shop diagnose and price universal fit cats.

If that was the dealer, some have reported luck with a much cheaper after market replacement. Others have reported bad luck.

I cannot speak for the true experts here, but often they recommend having another good mechanic give you a second opinion.

And, someone will want to know why they think the cat is bad. Do you have a warning light on the dash? Are you in a smog test state and they checked your outputs and found it wrong?

we have had reports of failure codes linked to a dash CEL light, being misinterpreted. I believe there is no code as such which will tell you 100% sure that the cat is bad, as opposed to the sensors.

If this is wrong, you will be flooded with correcting answers.

Is your check engine lamp on? Why diagnose a problem you did not complain about. Do you have any lack of power or smell rotten eggs? Oxygen sensors wear out and should be changed around 100k anyway, and preventive maintenance like changing your spark plugs will keep raw fuel from getting to the cat. If your check engine lamp has been on, and flashing, it would indicate a misfire so regular, raw fuel is getting to and destroying the cat.

Wait until the check engine light comes on. The Sienna’s emissions control module will read the sensors associated with the catalytic converter, as well as everything else associated with emissions control. If you have trouble codes, post them here and we’ll help you interpret them. If not, just drive on - and don’t go back to the shop that told you that you need $1000 worth of new equipment that you don’t need.