Nissan Sentra Cat

Where is the best place on line to buy an after market catalytic converter for my car? My mechanic says the part is about 600.00. That seems a bit high. And can I get a less expensive one?

The $600.00 is right for a direct fit cat. But you can get a universal cat for probably cheaper. Only this may require cutting out the old cat and welding in the new cat. Your mechanic may not have the equipment to do this so he’s recommending a direct fit cat.

So, you can get a universal cat. But you need to find someone who has the equipment to make this swap for a reasonable price.


along with alot of other probs down the road.

you get what you pay for.

why is the cat BAD? REASONS? and please dont say age.

My check engine light showed an 0420 code. The mechanic changed my oxygen sensor (front I believe), but only after extensive checking and everything pointed to that sensor. He suspected the cat at first, but didn’t want to change it if it was something less expensive. So a week after changing the sensor, the engine light is back on and it is the same 0420 code. The mechanic says it is possible that there may be a crack or ? inside the cat, although his testing it shows OK. Since my car is running fine (Nissan Sentra 2001) and smooth, he suggested to either wait until I need it smogged to change the cat or until my funds are available. And of course, the warranty on the cat is 80,000 miles and I have 87,000 miles!!!