Toyota Sienna Broken Passenger Door

I have a 2007 Toyota Sienna and the passenger sliding door will not slide on its own. You have to tug on the door to get it to engage. The repair shop said the door needs a new actuator (hope I spelled that right). The cost for replacing it is almost $500! Has anyone replaced the actuator on their sliding passenger door? How hard is it? My brother thinks he might be able to do it, but would like some guidance from someone who has done this before. Thank you so much for helping!

I had the same problem. Toyota fixed it for free as they have extended the warranty on the sliding door actuators. See a dealer.


Check this out.

Good luck, and let us know what happened, please

When my door failed I just cut the cables for the power mechanism (the mechanical ones, not the electrical ones) and turned it into a “manual” door. It is totally retro and cool (the kids love it) and it cost me nothing. I only fix things that are needed for safe and reliable operation of my vehicles. Stuff like power sliding door mechanisms are just boat payment generators for the dealer.


If OP can get this fixed at no cost to himself, I highly suggest he go that route

When it comes time to sell the car, it will be more attractive to prospective buyers if all of the power features still work

@db4690 - I agree with you. I always forget that I keep my vehicles until they turn to dust but not everyone does that. Anyway, anything that can be fixed for free should always get repaired.


I must say, I do admire your free repair for your own van. It seems to have been an effective workaround