Toyota Sienna AC Inadequate Cooling

? 2005 Sienna

? VIN: 5TDZA23C45S3342304

? Build date: 05/05

? Engine: 3.3L V-6

? Mileage: unknown (available if needed)

? Concern: Insufficient A/C Cooling


? At idle with AC on, low side 10 psi, high side 70 psi

? While charging AC with approx 2lb. of freon, low side 30 psi, high was 150 (ambient temp 80 deg)

? High side jumps to 400+ and clutch cycles every 3-5 sec. and compressor relief valve vents freon

? Removed enough Freon for high side to jump from 150-250 and low side constant 30

? Inlet condenser line too hot to touch, outlet is lukewarm

? Both cooling fans running

? AC blowing some cool air (maybe ambient-30 deg.?)

? Q: Is there an accumulator?

? Q: Is there a filter/screen?

? Other observations/comments re condition/cause?

How are you determining you are charging to the correct weight? Have you found the sticker listing your Toyota’s AC system capacity? do you have a scale? are you competent enough to sense when your system is charged correctly by sensing inlet and outlet temperatures?

Sounds like moisture in the system … did you vacuum pump the system? Moisture will freeze on the orifices and block freon flow.