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Toyota Sienna 2000

Back in October, I ran over a piece of a boulder on the Blue Ridge Parkway which caused several thousand dollars worth of damage underneath the car. I’m still having this problem where ever now and then, the car seems to not have enough power (usually within a few momemts of starting the car) and then if you floor it, eventually it “kicks” in. The check engine light sometimes comes on, sometimes it doesn’t. It always goes back off in a day or so. All three oxygen sensors have already been replaced. I was thinking maybe the one under the hood may be bad. Toyota wants $85 bucks to “diagnose” the problem. Will the advance auto check give me a code even if the check engine light is now off? This is driving me nutts!!!

If the check engine light is not on, their code reader won’t pick up a code.
Change the fuel filter and the air filter. A dirty filter can starve the engine of fuel or air.
Go to an independent repair shop/mechanic…ask around for a good one which can really handle engine management systems type problems. The fuel pressure should be checked under load. A good mechanic knows what “under load” means, and how to do it. The fuel line may have been dented, or kinked, by the boulder. It’s easy to visually examine (using the eye).