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Toyota refund for dead hybrid battery

In the cartalk column of 9-18-09 they said Toyota would give a refund of a couple hundred dollars for a dead hybrid battery. The guy at the Oakland Toyota dealership where I had mine replaced said there is no such refund. In fact, he said, they used to charge a core fee for recycling the old battery. What is the truth? Thanks,

Please describe “dead hybrid battery.” Which battery are we talking about?

Also please tell us the year and mileage of your Prius.

If you had the main propulsion batter replaced you’d have spent a LOT of money, and you’d be the first Prius owner we’ve heard of who needed an new battery.

Please elaborate. Which battery did you replace?

It was the main battery and it cost $2300. I have a 2001 Prius with 196k miles.
Thanks for your response,
Mary Jo

Go to the Toyota Owner’s site and register. Then check the warranty on the battery yourself. If you don’t find the information, email or call them for the information.

I read somewhere that you can get several hundred dollars for the scrap value of the hybrid batteries…this is what you may be referring to.

That sure took a little “green” out of that Prius.