Toyota Rav4 grinding noise

Hello, I have quite the dilemma with my 2009 Rav4. I have taken it to 3 different mechanics (1 was a shop mechanic, 1 was the mechanic at the dealer, and 1 was my Dad who is a retired mechanic). Anytime I am driving between 30-45ish miles per hour my car randomly makes this grinding noise when I accelerate. It immediately stops when I take my foot off the pedal and seems to happen more often on hills, corners, and when the car has been running/driving for awhile. The shop mechanic couldn’t pinpoint it, the dealership said it is the transmission however couldn’t be more specific, and my Dad thinks it is the heat shield (which he has tried adjusting many times and the noise keeps coming back). Anyone have any experience with this? It is driving me nuts and doesn’t sound very safe…

If the noise stops when the heat shield is adjusted ( there is no adjustment for heat shield ) just find a muffler shop and have the shield fixed properly.

You may have to pay for a shop to actually find the problem if it is not the shield and your vehicle should be taken to an independent shop not a dealer at 9 years old.

I’d give your Dad a pass as he’s retired but surprising neither of the two shops would use these to locate the source of the noise-

Very surprising the dealership would come to that conclusion but offer no basis for it. Did you pay them for a diagnostic?

Hey TwinTurbo, thanks for the advice, yeah he doesn’t have a shop anymore just his garage but I will send him this link maybe he know a good shop with on. I am also surprised neither the shop nor the dealership used that device…and of course I paid for diagnostic (I know I am a sucker haha)!!!

Hey Volvo_V70, The noise doesn’t stop, it got a bit quieter and then got louder over a few weeks back up to how it was. I think he jimmied something (and said “adjust”) but I have already tried at the local shop (and told them I thought it was the heat shield)…they weren’t helpful.

Hi there! I have a 2010 Toyota RAV4 and have the exact same problem. It’s starting to scare my passengers the noise is getting so loud. I recently had the wheel bearings replaced and a new alternator. No mechanic or dealership can figure out what is causing this grinding sound! Did you figure out what it was?

Hi Heather-54, help us out here. You started your post mid idea, lots of stuff in the beginning is not there. Are you replying to a radio show or newspaper article? Those are all re runs and have been for a long time.

Back up a bit and start at the beginning. Under what conditions do you hear the noise, where does it seem to come from. When did it start

Hi, I had the same thing happening. Mechanic couldn’t pinpoint but did agree it was transmission problem. We did a transmission fluid flush and I’ve been driving it for 5 days now with no noise.

I have a 2010, same issues aswell, replaced drive shaft, 4 wheel knuckle. Universal joint. Problem somewhat solved. Still happens, mechanic at Toyota told us it’s a common issue with model, no difinitive answer as to what or why… like how some Acura’s roll of the assembly line with engine knocks, the rav 4’ have a tranny grind? I dunno but from the multiple Ads of feedback it’s nothing to lose sleep about. My car has done it since 35k and is currently just shy of 400,000km with the drive shaft etc work only taking place last year