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Toyota Rav4 dashboard light

I am having lots of problems with my 2006 toyota rav4 and everything started since the day I bought the curse the same day I told the sales rep “listen the car is making a weird noise” she replied exact words “that’s normal that is probably because it is a new car” okay I said and left the dealer. After a year not even my car was giving me problems the brakes would not brake I would have to press on the brakes two to three time in order to stop, I would have to change the brakes every two months, oil every one month, and lots of lights would turn on every month or two and every time would reach 50 miles per hour my car would shake so drastically that it felt as if the car was going to break in little parts. I have been in the dealer so many times more than my Doctors office and every time they would say there is nothing wrong, after complaining to the supervisor, manager, even the big boss finally after five years they decided to do something. This year in february they changed my transmission and the whole computerized system Today july 24 I have to lights that turned on for no reason at all one is of charging system warning light and engine oil and I have no clue on what to do. On the owners manual it says to stop and contact toyota it could be that the engine drive belt could be broken. What good does it do if I cannot move the car and the dealership were I purchased the car is very far from were I live. Does anyone have any suggestions please. Thank You

In my opinion, there are too few specifics in this tale for me to be able to give a substantive answer.
Much clarification is needed.
Just for starters, the OP needs to tell us why he/she needed to “change the oil every month”, and why it was necessary to “change the brakes every two months”. What were the reasons for these frequent oil changes and brake (pad?) services.

What were the symptoms that led to “changing the transmission and whole computerized system”? Is this vehicle still under warranty?

Also, in regard to, “today, two lights turned on for no reason at all”–how does the OP know that there was no reason for these lights to turn on? Yes, the charging system warning light would light up if a belt was broken, but that would be a reason for it to light up. Or, did the OP verify that the engine drive belts are intact and properly tensioned?

If the low oil pressure warning light is lit up, the OP should not start the engine or drive the car until the cause is known. Checking the oil dipstick would be a good first step, but if the dipstick reveals a normal oil level, then there are likely to be serious internal engine problems necessitating the attention of a mechanic.

Whether the OP chooses to have the vehicle transported to the dealership or to an independent mechanic is his/her own choice. Unless the OP purchased an extended warranty, it is not likely that the vehicle is still covered by warranty. If, in fact, this car is no longer under warranty, I think that a nearby independent mechanic would be the logical choice.

If the OP wants a substantive response, we need more specifics regarding symptoms and we also need a complete listing of the car’s maintenance and repair record over the past 5 years, including the odometer mileage and date when each maintenance or repair was done.

At this point, I am skeptical about a lot of the information in the OP’s post.