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Toyota Prius repairs

We love you guys. We have a 2008 Prius (30K miles)on lease with option to buy Apr 1. What are expected battery life and replacement cost? Reports seem to be low maint costs on all else. True? (headlight issue seems to be now covered)

You might check out Prius forums, like Priuschat, for first-hand information. From what I read the batteries are proving to be long-lived, with many condsidering them ‘life of the car’ items. Sure, some will need replacement, but I doubt that will be common. Replacement costs, if it happens, is around $4000 right now, probably will drop.

It appears the battery life is still unknown as few of them have failed.  Which is good news.

I can’t speak in detail about the car, but I can tell you my brother bought one and was so impressed after a year or so of driving it, he bought a second for his wife!