Toyota Prius Headlight Humidity

My 2007 Toyota Prius driver’s side headlight has humidity (water droplets) form after a rainstorm. The warrenty expired 2 months ago and the dealer wants $300.00 to replace the headlight.

It may need to be re-sealed, but it definitly does not need to be replaced. I used a compressor and blew in fresh air. The water vapor vanished the the headlight became clear again. However, the situation returned after the next rain storm. Any suggestions for a permanent fix? Any way to get Toyota to fix the problem for good?

Don’t you just love those lights. If they don’t loose the seal or block a drain, they get sand blasted turning the clear cover into a frosted cover, all for the sake of the fancy-pants design group.

Let’s bring back the sealed beam lamps. $3.50 for a new lamp with it’s own new glass cover and you could install it in five minutes with a single screwdriver.

I’m a little surprised a lawyer hasn’t brought a class action lawsuit. Frosted headlight lenses are unsafe at any speed.
Ralph Nader call your office.

I remember those sealed beams on my Chevelle. I could barely see 30 feet in front of me with the low beams on. If all 4 lights were used(high beams), then it was OK

Someone should have told you they were adjustable.

Well, if ya wanna go cheap, break out the drill.

I had, literally, two inches of water sloshing around in each headlight of my car. I drilled a couple small holes along the bottom of each light for drainage, and a couple holes on the top of each light for evaporation.

Worked like a charm. Haven’t seen a drop of moisture in there since.

I didn’t really see anywhere(or way) to adjust them, they looked pretty stationary to me.