Toyota Highlander rusty bolts clamps battery terminals

I am looking to purchase a nice toyota Highlander 2008 with 100,000+ miles. I opened the hood and it is sparkly clean plastic parts look new… But… The bolts clamps and battery terminals are corroded and rusty. One owner, NY for most of its life, clean Carfax. Should I be worried about this corrosion?

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The battery terminal clamps can be cleaned with a wire brush or easily replaced.

Or Coca Cola, not diet, on the clamps, rinse with clean water.

The pictures look good for NY. Very little rusty stuff.

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Cleaning the corrosion on the clamps and battery terminals is almost a routine maintenance item. On the 2011 Toyota Sienna I used to own, I had to clean the cable clamps and battery terminals about every two months. The battery in my Sienna, which I purchased new, had an outgassing problem around the terminals. The problem began after the vehicle was off warranty. I bought a device that plugged into an outlet in the vehicle to maintain voltage to the computers, radio settings and clock. I have a terminal puller and a wire brush designed to clean the clamps and battery posts. I also bought a spray that I sprayed on the battery connections after I cleaned them. The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes. When the battery failed and I bought a new battery, the replacement didn’t have the outgassing problem.

I buy the blue color spray from Toyota…never had corrosion on battery terminals after that.

Nobody should put up with this, if a battery is leaking, causing damage to the battery clamps, it should be replaced. Battery cleaning maintenance is a thing of the past.

The rust in the picture is from humidity, not from acid leaking from the battery.

@Nevada_545. The battery was out of the warranty period. The service manager admitted that there had been problems with the batteries that were supplied to Toyota the year my Sienna was built.
I grew up in a period where cleaning the battery terminals was part of routine maintenance. I still have my terminal puller and terminal brush, so it was no big chore to spend 10 minutes to clean the terminals. I did replace the battery before winter one year.