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Toyota Highlander 2005

Engine light, VSC and TRAC off lights come on. Local garage says code P1201, go to transmission shop. My code book says Injector circuit open/shorted cylinder #1. Is this still a transmission shop issue? I am terrified of dealerships, can I drive it a few more days, short distances whilst I decide who will dupe me over more?

That’ what mine says also. #1 Cylinder miss-fire.

My 05 4runner - if there’s ANY Codes registering then it automatically disables VSC and Traction control. That’s why those lights are on.

The local garage can’t fix the cylinder mis-fire?? Find another mechanic. Once this is cleared the other lights will go away.

Thanks for the advice, I try to stay away from the dealership due to very high rates. I’ll use another shop.