Toyota HID lamps

2005 Toyota Sienna minivan. Neighbor brings it by my house for a headlamp bulb.
Rt head lamp low beam is out. Access is easy with the hood open.
Rt Headlamp lens housing has moisture inside, left does not.
Bulb is not broken or shatterd, it is in one piece.
Before we spend $76 for an HID bulb, I have questions on the HID system.
Is it that simple…just a bulb…or is there electronic controls involved that could be the culprit?
Did the moisture take out the bulb in the first place ? ( halogen bulbs explode when wet ) or cause a chort in the electronics ?
I already told her we need to take out the lens body and find and seal the leak and dry it out but I’m curious about the HID system.
Do I dare just put 12v to the bulb ( #D2R 35w ) to test it or is that a bad idea with HID ?..( my best Ford tech to ask is off today )

Normally moisture (condensation) won’t harm the HID bulb. If enough water gets into the lamp it can damage the ballast/ECU, it is in the bottom of the headlamp.

If in doubt use the bulb from the left headlamp to test the right side. Be sure the lights are off before touching anything, HID lights operate at very high voltage. 12 volts won’t light the bulb.

thx, I’ll make the nest test, swapping bulbs while drying out and sealing the lens housing.