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1992 Toyota Pickup V6 starting dying while driving

Hey everybody,

My 1992 one ton Toyota pickup with the V6 died on my several times Thursday morning driving to work. The first time it restarted but made a bad noise on the highway. I pulled over the next time and it took a while to restart and had some white smelly exhaust smoke. It died a couple more times before I got to work. Any ideas? My mechanic told me there are some bad noises coming from the timing belt area and the harmonic balancer is bad but those shouldn’t cause the dying. It has 278k miles on it and I’d love to hit 300k.


I could see a bad harmonic balancer causing intermittent failure of a crank position sensor.
Guys? Other thoughts on this theory?

A lot of white smelly exhaust smoke usually means an internal engine coolant leak, or a lot of gas is being dumped into the engine.