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Toyota Corrolla ATF Oil Change

I was trying to get the Oil/Filter change for ATF. And dealer is telling me that my Toyota Corolla 2001 model does not have a filter and only server they do is either drain and fill or ATF Fulsh. Is this true that this model does not have a Filter. And is it suffecient to do Drain and Fill every 30,000 mile. (I opted for Drain and Fill this time as it was cheaper)

Info I got from O’Reilly Automotive and Wix says you do have a filter. To change it, a pan drop, filter change and ATF refill is required. You don’t say how many miles on the car, but I would seriously consider changing the filter next time. Your owner’s manual may also have something to say about this, too.

You have a stainless steel fine mesh screen for a filter, they usually just clean it out and its good as new. A replacement runs about $50. The ones at O’Rielly’s don’t always fit.

You can do a drain and refill for every other service, 30, 90 etc but for the even services 960-120), you should drop the pan, clean it and the filter and use a new gasket.

drain and refill is good idea, screen cleaning and replacement is wise. DO NOT PRESSURE flush the tranny.