Toyota Corollas with Spoilers? Ok, or Over the Top?

We should all be comfortable with a little silly in our lives. And certainly in the lives of others.

It’s just not for me. My Accord doesn’t have one, and I would not have bought any on the lot that had the spoiler. Of course, it’s a dealer option with Honda. And I won’t have anything to do with dealer options.

I’m thinking of putting a spoiler on the back deck of my self propelled lawn mower…I feel fast this summer. But it’s a Toro and not a Honda…overkill ?

Spoiler on a lawnmower? I can see that. Kitschy, yet avant garde.

Please mount a pink plastic flamingo on the front of the lawnmower. It will go well with the spoiler.
Heck maybe I should sell those for anybody who wants to use them as hood ornaments. They will go great with a fart can muffler also.

@dagosa If you were in Minnesota there’s a good chance the snow will not be gone in time to use the mower this summer but that sounds like a neat thing to do while waiting for summer.

A friend of my wife had a NEON with a spoiler. Aside from the red color there was nothing sporty about it. But it made it difficult to put a bike rack on the trunk lid; the spoiler needed to be removed, a simple job, but it left holes to be covered up.

the same mountainbike wrote:
Hey lion9, am I to understand that you’re 25 years beyond my demographic group? Man, you must be OLD!!!

I’m middle-aged on paper but still pretty young at heart!

don’t forget the 20 inch spinners, dag

“I’m thinking of putting a spoiler on the back deck of my self propelled lawn mower…I feel fast this summer. But it’s a Toro and not a Honda…overkill ?”

Is your first name Tim?

But the height of dorky cars with spoilers is the Lancer. It can be useful on the EVO, but it’s still ugly in a very unattractive way.

"Is your first name Tim ?“
No, but in college between classes we would go to gym for a little and take on the names of our favorite pro players…mine was “Zelmo” That’s got to be a more courageous handle then any " Tim the tool man”

I like Zelmo, too. My favorite sports players were both Charlie: Taylor and Tolar.

But your suggested modifications are just sooo Tim Allen.

The first college I attended, one focused on automotive engineering, attracted - predictably - guys who liked muscle cars. Indeed there were some. But some guys didn’t have the cash for serious cubic inches, and instead had to resort to making their cars look fast. And so, things like mag wheels, racing stripes, Hurst shift knobs, tachometers, glass pack mufflers, etc, came to be known as “go fasters”…accessories which might be found on a genuine hot car, but which contribute nothing to its performance. The term was just a facetious and sometimes mocking or demeaning comment on the value of the additions.

A rear spoiler, on a Corolla or most other cars, is just a modern go faster.

One of the fastest cars at the school was actually the reverse. It was a beige, four door, Chevy Biscayne, the kind your grandma drove in the 60s. Only this one had 427 cubic inches under the hood. The motorhead who built it knew how to wring the horsepower out. I forget the details, but it was tested on some official dynamometer and cited in a major car magazine for its surprising power at the rear wheels. It was pretty successful in street racing situations.

All the go fasters in the world would not have made my car look any faster. ;=)

It’s far from a new feature. There have been ‘sporty’ Corollas since at least the eighties, when they really were slow. Even modern economy cars are pretty quick compared to older cars (even sporty ones.)

Charlie Taylor

Now there is a guy who could really use a spoiler on his helmet. Used to love to watch him play.

Taylor was such a good receiver that he made many excellent cornerbacks look bad. Sadly, the Redskins didn’t have much of a defense at the time and the Jurgensen-to-Taylor heroics in the 4th quarter merely got them close.

I am a 42yo female with a 2011 Corolla S with tinted windows and custom rims. Is it a little silly? Yes. Is the spoiler there for no reason other than to make it look stylish? Yes. Does it make me happy? Yes. I love driving it and get compliments on it. They have juiced up the engine a bit and it’s fun to see the surprised look on peoples faces. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything. And I average 34 mpg.

That is just as normal as someone preferring one color over another. It is not silly what so ever IMO. As long as people realize that sometimes style is just that and it need not have a practical use. Now, if in the name of style one inhibits their vision of makes their car less stable and less safe for those they share the road with, then it’s worth reconsidering. Otherwise, everyone wants a little style in their life.

Spoiler, however stupid, is old news. Last month, I rented a corolla s, with flat bottom steering wheel and a 3.5 lock to lock steering. With such slow steering, the round part of the helm was over my laps all the time, kind of defeating the feature.

This is the point where Toyota is acting kind an ignorant fool who regurgitates what others are saying. And that is not okay because they are essentially saying they aren’t going to try harder to earn my business.

And an s model with a 4 speed is not going to cut it. Even the government motor builds the cruze with a 6 speed