2006 Kia Amanti - Oil leak

oil leak on to exhaust pipe

Sorry to hear that, it needs to be fixed. with no info on where it is leaking, I will take a guess and say your valve cover gasket is leaking oil onto the exhaust

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Concur w/above, if my Corolla had that problem (which it has in the past) most likely source is valve cover gasket problem. After that, camshaft seal or crankshaft seal. If your shop is unable to ID where theleak is coming from, ask if a dye technique might be helpful. They can put dye into theoil, and use a UV light to see where the dye later appears. One downside with this however, once used it can get UV dye all over the engine, hard to remove, so that method may not work for another leak later. .

Until resolved make sure to check all the car’s liquid levels and top off as necessary, especially engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.