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How much would it cost to get my transmission fluid flushed and when should i do it? I am concerned my transmission is going. I had a mechanic look at it and my fluid is black…that bad?

The fluid is black? Ooooo, a bad sign. It should be a reddish color on most cars. There has been a lot of discussion on various forums about what to do and when to do it on the automatic transmission fluid. (I am assuming it is an automatic, you did not say, and ‘fluid’ usually refers to automatic.)

I am not an expert on transmissions, but the general consensus I have read is that by the time the fluid is black and you have reason to think the transmission is going out, it usually is.

Some people even believe that a transmission in that bad shape has crud in the system, and flushing it breaks it loose, thus finishing the job the neglect started.

I don’t know for sure, but if it were mine, I’d start budgeting for a rebuild or rebuilt.

It sounds to me like you have never had it flushed or drain/refilled. Yes? No? Maybe? Or, the car ran the Baja 500, heh, heh.

Once you get it fixed, I recommend investigating maintenance recommendations for your specific car.