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Toyota Corolla - timing chain or timing belt?

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla CE. My mechanic says it has a timing chain, per his computer. The Toyota website says it has a timing chain, but the local Toyota dealership looked up the VIN and says it has a timing belt. In researching this, I see there is lots of confusion on this issue. Who do I believe???

You can Google the largest belt maker, which makes belts for nearly all cars and see if they have one for yours. If so, it has indeed a timing belt. My 2007 has a chain. I’m not sure when Toyota changed over.

You have a chain.
The Camry, Tercel, Rav4, Celica, 4-Runner, Solara, and Land Cruiser have belts.
Go figure.

It looks like all 1999 Corollas have the same engine, 1ZZ-FE. This engine uses a chain.