Toyota corolla...cuts off

my college age daughter’s 94 toyota corolla cuts off on her when she makes trip back to school; after driving at least an hour and when its hot it’s likely to stall out;the car has 166k miles;drives arnd town fine but i do notice its alittle shaky under load between 30 and 40 mph;any suggestions would be appreciated;

Thanks Lee I

When was the last “tune up” AKA spark plug and wire change? Also have someone check the fuel pressure when it cuts off. You might have two things going on in here.

Heat sensitivity of this type is generally caused by an ignition component. A coil, an igniter, aomething of that sort.

I also second Galant’s thoughts as a first step in looking into the shakiness under load.

Have someone disconnect, and reconnect, all the electrical connectors (especially the ignition related ones) under the hood. The terminal wiping action of the disconnection/reconnection can help to improve current flow through the connector. Will it fix the problem? It might.
The fuel filter, of course, has very low miles on it, doesn’t it?

the plug wires have been changed within last 2 years…I’m driving the car now and going to try to recreate the situation when it conks off; how does one check for fuel pressure…on the road etc…could i carry some quick start in a can and spray in carburator,etc…
thanks for thoughts

thanks for the all suggestions;had similar problem with another car and spent $500 and the prblm did not get resolved

Carry a can of starting fluid with straw, not wal-mart brand and when it dies loosen tube at throttle body, spray and if it starts you know you have spark