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Toyota Cooler Condenser

I have an '89 Toyota Truck, manual V6, and my cooler condenser appears to be shot (no cold air from the a/c and the pulley wobbles). This seems to make the engine work harder, run louder and my oil pressure drops when idling. I cannot afford to fix it right now and my question is; besides the obvious personal discomfort ( I live in Austin), how long can I drive my truck before it starts damaging the engine/electrical(?)/other components linked through the serpentine belt?

If the AC compressor pulley is wobbling, you have a serious problem

I suggest you take this vehicle to a mechanic. Not what you wanted to hear, I’m sure, but it’s not going to fix itself.

What wobbles? If the AC is off does the wobble and noise disappear? If so leave the AC off and drive until you can afford a fix. If the pulley wobbles with the AC off you will soon be stranded with a belt off and the engine overheating.