Toyota Camry Repair

I have 1992 camry and it has 225000 miles on it. It died while running at the stoplight. The timing belt is OK but I cannot turn over the engine from the crankshaft pulley. It is solis jammed. So, what could be wrong.

Remove the sparkplugs and the fanbelts see of you can turn it by hand. It should turn easily. If it’s still stuck, it’s more than likely seized. If it turns easily, try turning the individual peripheral components by hand…the alternator, the AC compressor, etc. One of those may have seized.

I have removed all the belts and I can turn alternator, power steering pump and AC compressor but I cannot turn the crankshaft pulley. Is it the engine that seized?

Mb said to remove the plugs, did you do that before attempting tp turn the engine over?

More than likely, the engine is finished. A connecting rod may have broken and wrecked a few other things. At that mileage, it may not be worth fixing. Remove the timing belt and see if you can turn the engine a little. You have little to lose at this point. If you have a manual transmission, be sure it’s in neutral with the brake on and wheels chocked.

92 Camry does not have high compression engines like some other barnds. That said, I did remove the spark plugs and all the belts before I started to turn the engine over.