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Toyota Camry- Rear Main Seal

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry it has a small leak-from the “Rear Main Seal” Very expensive to repair.
I cant afford that at this time. I put in Valvoline Maxlife for older cars, sealed for couple mnths
now its leaking again. Its not PCV. My question is has anyone tried this product as temporary fix or know
if it works? Would it damage other car parts? " Blue Devil Rear Main Seal Stop Leak and Conditioner"
Any information would be helpful. Thanks

How much oil are you using (miles between having to add a quart)?

Valvoline Maxlife for older cars- stopped leak for a few months. I checked oil and haven’t had to add any yet. Still just a small leak

The Bars brand main bearing leak sealer is about as effective as any. But you might confirm that the PCV valve and all hoses and connections are free flowing. The vent to the air filter housing must be open also.

I just Bought -Blue Devil Rear Main Seal Stop Leak & Conditioner
Seems to be working no leak.

I think one of my cars has a rear main leak, it does not use any oil inbetween oil changes, but I see spots on my driveway which is driving me NUTs… I tried to reseal the oil pan, and that did not do it. The block is clean, so I figure it has got to be rear main :frowning:

Please let me know how this works for you LONG term !!

Yeah, I’ll let you know if continous to stay sealed. It just temporary solution until I can come up with $800.00 to repair it. Hopfully gsragtop this website is still here. Cartalk guys retiring. thanks for your thoughts.